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RV Awning Drapes, Screens, & Sun Shades

Are They Really Necessary?

If you RV just to enjoy a camping vacation with your family, then your goal is to spend time with them in the "Great Outdoors". But what if it's blazing hot outside? Or what if mosquito's are eating you alive? Well, installing a set of drapes & end panels (also known as screens or sunshades) to enclose your coach's awning 'patio' is a smart choice.

But what if you're a full-time RV'er? You, too, would appreciate the need for a good drape system for your motorhome. As anyone who has ever lived in small space knows, sometimes you have to just "get out" or cabin fever can get to you. By installing drapes on your RV's Awning, you effectively "enlarge" the square footage of your home. In addition, even when it's sweltering hot outside, How Sunshades & covers save you money & energyyou can enjoy the outdoors while others are stuck within the cramped confines of their motor homes. And have we mentioned how nice it is to have a little privacy?

You may NOT need drapes for your RV's Awning if . . . . . .
  • you enjoy being stuck inside your RV when you could be enjoying the fresh air, trees, and nature at its best.
  • you kind of like the pain from multiple mosquito bites because it makes you feel alive.
  • you're one of those people who enjoys sweating like a pig.
  • you prefer the "sunburned" look over lightly tanned.
  • you think you look good walking around with no shirt in front of others.
  • or are just plain crazy :)
Enjoy the outdoors, save money, and buy quality with Sunpro brand awning drapes from Sunpro Mfg!

(And by the way . . . if you haven't noticed already . . . you can get them right here at Arizona RV Parts Center's online store or by calling us directly at 800-789-5588.)