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Finding the Right Size & Shade

How does the process of picking the right RV awning sun blocker work? 
Quite simply actually. Picking the right size and type of awning shade system is only a matter of knowing the right questions to ask. Here are some ideas that will help you make a good choice. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a ring at 800-789-5588.

  1. Pick the Best Material
  2. Select the Right Size & Color
  3. Order
  4. Install !
What type of material or brand would be best for your RV awning sun shade?
The answer to this question basically depends on how long you would like the RV awning drapes & end panels to last. Over time, they can become brittle, rot due to exposure to the sun or bad weather conditions, fade, rip or tear. RV awning screens take a good beating from the sun's intense heat and uv rays as well. Therefore, pick a high quality material that is up to the challenge. avoid duct tape repairs. buy sunpro brand rv awning drapes and end panels

Often the difference between low quality drapes and higher quality ones isn't very much when you factor in the fact that you may have to replace cheap ones over and over again. And while you're probably not overly concerned with what the neighbors think, we're pretty sure you don't like the impression using duct tape to patch a tear may give to others.

This having been said, then, what brand would be best? Sunpro Mfg's brand is a great choice! (Obviously, we are partial. But for good reason.)
The materials that we make them out of are durable, tear-resistant, and come with a 5-10 year warranty depending on your choice.  You'll find that this a better guarantee than many other manufacturer's of RV awning shades, drapes, & solar blockers. Material choices include Protex 85% and Suntex 90%.

How do I pick the right size?
The first key is to properly measure the length of your RV's awning. Usually, the best practice is to measure the length of the awning's roller tube. We custom cut the length of the drape material to fit, but we do prefer to cut to the nearest foot. In choosing the correct length it is best to round DOWN from your measurement to the nearest foot. (Of course, if you have special reasons for having it slightly longer than your particular awning's roller tube, we'll respect that.)

sunpro rv awning sun shades & end panelsNext, consider how close to the ground you want your motorhome's awning shade to hang. Some prefer to have it hang a little higher than the ground by a few inches or even a foot. Others like it a bit longer so that they can tether the end down to the ground at a slight angle away from the trailer. However, this may be a factor to consider if you choose to add awning end panels to completely enclose your RV's patio.

In our online store under Awning Accessories, you will find two groups of categories. One will be Awning Drapes and the other will be Awning End Panels. The basic choices will be similar in both. But, basically, here's what you'll find. Under Awning Drapes, after determining which type of material you prefer (Suntex or Protex), you can then choose the height of awning shade that you need based on the distance from the roller tube to the ground. We refer to this as the Drop. Then you will be able to select the length you need based on the length of the roller tube. They range in length from 10 feet to 20 feet. (But we are able to cut custom sizes if needed. Just call us and we can talk about your particular needs.) From there it is clear sailing! Pick a color. Check out!

If you would like to enclose the awning area, you can choose to purchase end panels or sun blockers in the same material by going to this category of products and choosing the general size that would fit your needs.

rv awning utility groove for attaching shades, screens, drapes, sun blockersHow do they attach to the RV awning?
Often, the shades will simply slide into the utility groove of the awning's roller tube. However, if your RV's awning does not allow this, then give us a call after you check out and let us know. We'll find a solution that will work for your particular brand of RV awning. We're happy to help.

 Enjoy the outdoors, save money, and buy quality with Sunpro brand shade & cover products from Sunpro Mfg! 

(And by the way . . . if you haven't noticed already . . . you can get them right here at Arizona RV Parts Center's online store or by calling us directly at 800-789-5588