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Trailer Tire Safety Tips & Helpful Advice
Helpful advice from RV and Trailer Industry Experts. Find out what our years of experience have taught us about Trailer Tire Safety. We've learned a lot  from our personal experiences and the countless stories we've heard from other RVer's.
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Designer Tyre Gards
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Trailer Tire Covers
Protecting the Safety of Your Tires

Many people don't realize that the safety of their RV or Trailer's tires cannot always be determined by the depth of tread that they have left. Unlike regular car and truck tires, tires for RV's can be seriously affected by many other factors; one of which is THE SUN.

The damaging effects of the Sun's UV Rays over time can degrade the rubber in your tires, weakening them and causing them to possibly fail. This could mean finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere having to change a tire (A LARGE tire at that). It could also put your family and other drivers at risk for injury or death.

These tire covers are designed to weather the elements, beautify your RV or Trailer, and protect them as much as possible from the solar uv light of the sun. Tires last longer in darker, cooler environments.

When you have so much riding on them be sure to save money and increase your safety by having a nice set of tire cover protectors!